Samstag, 15. Juni 2013


As I told you in the last blog, we had pretty much going on during the last weeks. 
Here is part two of the exciting news!
Its all about: THE GANG STORE!

On may 25th, we had a great opening party with live screenprinting, fashion walks, and DJ´s on the wheels of steel!
For those who missed it, check this VIDEO

Team Sessibon was there to help us and they took phenomenal pics of the opening: 

 Fashion blogger Branko Popovic was there and also wrote a nice blogpost about it:

To get an impression of the shop, watch THIS or drop in at MOSAE FORUM MAASTRICHT!

Boy, were we busy!

Dear fucca fans,

You haven´t heard much from us in the last few weeks. 
That is because we had SO much going on!
First of all, there are BIG NEWS! fucca is now official member of the fashion collective 
&theGANG is a streetwear collective, focussed on handmade clothing for both men and women.
Besides fucca, there is the menswear label "zwaluw clothing" by Milena Lehr and the unisex label "house of hypnos"by Anne-Kathrin Bannier.

With united powers, we created our first collective collection called "THE HOOD IN THE WOODS"
And made a nice film for that:
you can check it out HERE:

with this film, we started our show at the Fashionclash Maastricht

And THEN, there were some more good news!
Check out my next blog about the GANG STORE MAASTRICHT!

Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

the caps!

They`re out!

You can buy the Fucca Wood Caps now! Finally! Just click ---> here to get the hottest shit around!

(Ooooops! Sorry bout the mistake, this wood is actually maple (Ahorn!))

Montag, 22. April 2013

lets go camping!

Its Camping Time Soon!!!

FUCCA is happy to present the mini-festival-tour "WE LOVE CAMPING" this year!
There will be a lot of Action and much FUCCA STUFF to win!
Come, join us and enjoy the skateboarding contest, the freestyle contest, good food and drinks and Acts like Plattenpapzt, Projekt Gummizelle and Simon Grohé.
I´d love to see you there!

Samstag, 20. April 2013


Hey there!

Theres a new collection coming!
It will be presented at Fashionclash 2013 in Maastricht, together with some BIIIIG NEWS!
Heres al tiny tiny preview of whats to come!

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Still don´t have your own FUCCA top? THIS is your chance!
Go to, like the fanpage and share the pic to get your chance to

WIN ONE OF 3 FUCCA TOPS (the choice is yours)...

Winner will be announced on 10th of february 2013!
Good luck!!!!

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013


After traveling around the world, we´re now back with a nice fashion editorial:

Photographed by Sas Terpstra,
Styled by Rosi Muller,
Clothing by Fucca,
Accessories by Rebecca Pottkämper,
Model: Naomie Derby
MakeUp and Hair Styling by Anne Samsen
Editing by Rosi Muller and Rebecca Fuchs

PS: The shoot was also published at!
To see all pics, click HERE